Harnessing the Power of Inclusion: Ride For Success Virtual Equestrian Riding Challenges and Therapeutic Equestrians

Equestrian sport embodies grace, strength, and a unique bond between horse and rider. For therapeutic equestrians, participating in traditional equestrian events can be challenging due to physical limitations. However, Ride For Success has revolutionized the equestrian world by introducing virtual riding challenges that empower and reward by embracing individuals of all abilities and backgrounds.

Harnessing Progress: The Transformative Power of Journaling Your Equestrian Journey

cat hynes with horse in ring

One often-overlooked tool that can significantly enhance the connection between you and your horse is journaling (i.e. your riding logs!). Documenting your experiences and progress with your equine partner isn’t just a simple act; it’s a gateway to unlocking a plethora of benefits that can transform your journey as an equestrian.

Embracing the Journey: Let’s Talk About Being an Equestrian.

cat hynes on a. horse

In the world of sports and hobbies, there’s something truly magical about the bond between a rider and their horse. Being an equestrian is not just about riding a horse; it’s about embracing a way of life, forming an unbreakable partnership, and discovering the incredible heights you can reach together.

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Well, Ride For Success Champions…here is to the start of something moving, motivating and multifaceted!  When asked by my web-designer to submit my first blog post I thought “Sure, no problem.  I already have it!”. Then my mother brought me a gift from my past.  This completely changed my first blog.  I mean, why was I really doing this?