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To participate in the Ride For Success Challenge, make sure to enter before the deadline. On the challenge start date, start logging your hours and keeping notes about your successes and challenges. Share your progress with us through our social platforms, as we want to hear from you and celebrate your success. Be sure to turn in your challenge log by the challenge ending date. Once received, your logs will be processed and ribbons will be shipped out immediately.

To participate in these challenges, please consult with your trainer, parent (if you’re a minor), and healthcare professional to set healthy and achievable training goals for you and your equine partner. Working with your horse can include riding, lunging, groundwork, trick training, trail riding, or any activity that involves physical activity with your horse. Your workout routine can include any exercise that is appropriate for you as an individual, such as yoga, Pilates, weight training, running, or stretching.

By entering, participants acknowledge that horseback riding and other equine activities involve certain risks and assume legal responsibility for any resulting injuries, losses, or damages. Participants also agree to release and hold harmless Ride For Success LLC, its employees, contractors, and affiliates from any and all liabilities. Ride For Success reserves the right to refuse any entry without explanation.

Currently, Ride For Success is open to residents of the United States and Canada, with plans to expand globally. Please note that any photos, social media posts, or personal information (such as name, age, city, and state) may be used for social content and outreach via social media and websites.

All sales are final, and no refunds will be issued.

Your participation and the use of this website are governed by the laws of the State of Florida.

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