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Enhance Accountability and Build Ethograms with Virtual Equestrian Challenges at Ride for Success

In the fast-paced digital world, the equestrian industry is quickly adapting to new ways of teaching and learning. Ride for Success is at the forefront of this evolution, offering virtual equestrian challenges that can significantly enhance your riding and training experience. A primary advantage of incorporating these challenges into your routine lies in fostering accountability for both your personal fitness and your work with your horse. Here’s how:


Promotes Accountability:

Participating in our virtual challenges encourages a higher level of accountability. As an instructor, you set an example for your students in terms of commitment and consistency. The competitive nature of these challenges motivates both you and your students to stay on track with your fitness regimes and horse training schedules. This consistent engagement leads to improved riding skills and better physical fitness.


For those that ride at home, on their own or outside of a lesson program the process is the same and accountability is the game.  Set goals and hold yourself accountable to the plan put in place to achieve your goals.  A great way to keep this accountability is to share your goals on our social platforms and then follow up with us through pictures and videos as you accomplish your training tasks.


Encourages Record Keeping:

Our virtual equestrian challenges provide an excellent platform for maintaining a detailed record of your progress and that of your horse. Keeping track of your workouts, training sessions, and accomplishments helps in setting realistic goals and tracking improvements over time. This practice of record keeping is an important step towards creating your ethogram – a catalogue of typical behaviors and achievements.


Builds Your Horse’s Ethogram:

By continually tracking and recording your horse’s responses and behaviors during training, you build its ethogram. This comprehensive record provides valuable insights into your horse’s unique personality, preferences, and progress, making it easier to tailor your training techniques to suit its needs. An ethogram, therefore, becomes an invaluable tool in understanding and improving your horse’s performance.


Facilitates Flexible and Focused Learning:

The ability to participate in our virtual challenges at your convenience ensures that both you and your horse are training under optimal conditions. This flexibility allows for more focused and effective training sessions, leading to better results. Moreover, the ability to learn at your own pace but within the parameters of the challenge dates promotes a more personalized and enjoyable learning experience.


Fosters a Community Spirit:

Joining our virtual challenges connects you with a global community of equestrian enthusiasts. This sense of community encourages shared learning and mutual motivation, making the journey towards improved fitness and better horsemanship skills more enjoyable. It also provides a platform for sharing.


At Ride for Success, our primary aim is to provide innovative platforms for learning and improving. Our virtual equestrian challenges are a testament to this commitment and we hope that by more riders learning to build their horses’ ethograms better horsemanship will be produced.


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