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Empowering equestrians of all levels to believe in their abilities through equestrian goal setting.

Who Are We?

Who is Ride For Success?

Ride For Success is a woman and equestrian owned/founded business based on a passion for health, wellness and horses. Our goal is to inspire equestrians to challenge their personal best no matter their riding level or discipline.

As fellow equestrians, we understand the long hours and financial commitment required to pursue our passion. We aim to be the support system that every equestrian needs, regardless of means or type of riding.

Ride For Success is a goal-setting program whereby equestrian enthusiasts can  participate in various riding and fitness challenges. Our community is supportive, inclusive and motivated by our combined success.

We are here to support and share in your challenge journey. Although one of our beautiful ribbons is a great reward, the most significant reward is achieving your personal best.

Why Participate?

4 Challenges

New Challenges Begin: August 1

Our Core Values

We set Goal-Driven Riding Challenges.

We set goal driven challenges that any rider or handler can participate in.  We also promote goal setting for a healthy lifestyle through our athlete challenges.  So even if your horse is down or you’re in between mounts you can stay on track with your athletic and equestrian dreams.


Our vision is that of a global equestrian community that provides positive support to their fellow athletes who are striving to reach their personal riding and workout goals.


Ride For Success is creating a global community that strives to challenge and incentivize goal setting for equestrians of all disciplines along with promoting ad rewarding a healthy active lifestyle.

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Upcoming Challenges

Our  challenges have something for everyone. Whether you own a horse or not, we can’t wait for you to participate! Choose your activities, adjust your challenge days to suit your lifestyle, and look forward to a beautiful themed ribbon once your challenge is complete. 

Registration is closed. The 'Stress Free Ride' Challenges run June 1 – July 31, 2024.

Registration is open! The following Challenges begin August 1.

Ride Free

Avid Rider Challenge

Ride Free

Active Rider Challenge

Ride Free

Athlete Challenge

Why Participate?

No matter your level of riding, we want to incentivize you to stay active and enjoy horses at the same time. You will also become part of a global community that is simultaneously reaching their own Ride For Success goals. 


The registration fee is only $40 per challenge. If you are registering with a team, cost is $35 per student. The most costly part of not participating is missing out!


Trending Strong

Self-care is something that has always been important but has only recently been popularized. Taking time for yourself helps you recharge and reduces stress. Doing this through activity (especially with horses) is the best thing ever!



Participate alongside a group of friends so you can all feel the benefits of being active. People who ride together thrive together!



What Participants are Saying


What Participants are Saying

Get to know our founder

Cat Hynes is Our Champion

Cat Hynes is a third-generation equestrian, wife and mother of two.  Cat is determined to have a far-reaching impact on our equestrian community through encouraging riders of all levels to set achievable goals. 

Goal setting is a critical step towards achieving success in any area of life. It provides direction, motivation, and a clear path to follow towards desired outcomes. Why not do it with our friends and in the company of the horses we love?

Watch our video to see how Ride For Success works and why goal setting is a great way to stay active in both mind and spirit. 

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Current Challenges

Ride For Success offers equestrians the chance to set their own targets by participating in a challenge based on a predetermined number of hours within a two-month period.

Our challenges cater to all types of riders. Whether you are seeking motivation during your horse’s injury, preparing for a show, aiming to achieve your personal best in training, or increasing physical activity as a non-horse owner; Ride For Success is the perfect challenge.


Stress Free Ride: Avid Rider Challenge

The Avid Rider Challenge is open to individuals who own or lease a horse, or those who ride multiple horses.

June 1-July 31

Stress Free Ride: Active Rider Challenge

Designed for individuals who don’t own a horse, but take riding lessons at least once a week, or for those who are unable to ride as frequently as our Avid Riders.

June 1-July 31

Stress Free Ride: Athlete Challenge

The Athlete Challenge can be joined alongside our Avid Rider Challenge

June 1-July 31

Let's do this!

The Ride For Success program promotes resilience and inclusion.

There is a place for you in one of our challenges!  The ribbons and prizes are just symbols of the many success stories you will have to share with our community and the horse world!

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Your Chariot Awaits

The Only Limits Are Your Own

Challenging your limits is essential for personal growth and development. When you step out of your comfort zone and push yourself to go beyond what you think is possible, you not only gain new skills and abilities but also build confidence and resilience. This is especially important in equestrian sport.

Cat has taught many athletes and understands the value of persistence and perseverance first hand. Ride For Success challenges are designed to be achievable so you can feel a sense of accomplishment without getting hung up on your limits. 

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