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The most helpful competition is about challenging yourself to exceed your personal best.



New Challenges will be posted soon and begin November 1, 2023.

How It Works...

Ride For Success offers equestrians the chance to set their own targets by participating in a challenge based on a predetermined number of hours within a two-month period.

This program caters to all types of riders, whether it’s to stay motivated during a horse’s lameness, prepare for a horse show, achieve personal bests in training, or increase physical activity as a non-horse owner. 

The program’s success is marked by the community’s achievements and the prizes won. No matter where you are, you will have a support network to reach out to, and it only requires an open space in your mind to set a goal, believe in yourself, and log your hours. Success through effort is guaranteed!

Each two-month challenge has it’s own unique ribbon. By keeping a riding or workout log, you can directly achieve your personal goals and earn a 24″ Champion rosette designed to match the theme of your challenge.

Ascend through the bronze, silver, and gold tiers and qualify for prizes from our sponsors. If you are part of a riding academy, your trainer can also be recognized for having the most participants from their farm in each challenge. Prizes for each challenge will be updated continually on social media. 

Farms and businesses can also sponsor a challenge and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the platform of their choice. Share your success and receive recognition and support from the equestrian community through our social media networks!

December-January Challenges

New Ride, New You in the New Year 2024! Ride For Success into the New Year and ride for a cause! While accomplishing your New Year Goals help us give back to PATH International.  

A portion of the proceeds of these challenges will be donated to associated programs. 

New Year New You

Avid Rider Challenge

SIGN-UP: November 1 – 30
60-Day CHALLENGE: Dec. 1, 2023 – Jan. 31, 2024

new year new you avid ride challenge

The Avid Rider Challenge is open to individuals who own or lease a horse, or those who ride multiple horses. 

The objective of the challenge is to complete 4 rides or equine training sessions every week, for a total of 32 sessions throughout the challenge. 

You may choose to do 3 rides one week and 5 rides the next as long as you complete a total of 32 sessions. Our recommendation is 4 rides per week but this is not mandatory.

Activities that qualify as a session include riding, lunging, ground-driving, ground work, trick training, trailer loading, trail riding, endurance riding, or any other form of active riding or training work that is done with your equine partner(s).

32 Sessions

In Total

4 Rides

Per Week

new Year New You

Active Rider Challenge

SIGN-UP: November 1 – 30
60-Day CHALLENGE: Dec. 1, 2023 – Jan. 31, 2024

New Ride New You Active Rider (Green ribbon)

The Active Rider Challenge is designed for individuals who don’t own a horse but take riding lessons at least once a week, or for those who are unable to ride as frequently as our Avid riders.

To complete the challenge, participants must complete 4 sessions per week. This can include 1 ride per week, along with 3 workout sessions or a combination of up to 3 rides per week and 2-3 workouts

The total number of sessions required to complete the challenge is 32. Workouts can include any form of exercise that is appropriate for the individual, such as yoga, stretching, kickboxing, running, and so on.

32 Sessions

In Total

1 Ride

Per Week

3 Workout Sessions / Week

You can mix up rides and sessions, as long as 32 sessions are completed.

new Year New You

Athlete Challenge

SIGN-UP: November 1 – 30
60-Day CHALLENGE: Dec. 1, 2023 – Jan. 31, 2024

New Ride New You Athlete (white ribbon)

The Athlete Challenge can be joined alongside our Avid Rider Challenge. This challenge is ideal for individuals who are looking to focus solely on their fitness goals.

This challenge is for you to create an appropriate and inspiring workout program for yourself.  It is done off your horse.  You may be a yogi, a runner, a kickboxer, a gym goer or anything in-between! Design and set your own workout goal and let us provide the reward for your effort

To complete the Sweat The Heat Away Athlete Challenge, participants must complete 3 appropriate workout sessions per week, for a total of 24 sessions per challenge.

This challenge is also perfect for riders who are in between horses or have a horse that is unable to be ridden at the moment. It enables individuals to stay in shape and work towards their fitness goals during riding downtime.

24 Sessions

In Total

3 Workouts


Trainer Challenge

SIGN-UP: November 1 – 30
60-Day CHALLENGE: Dec. 1, 2023 – Jan. 31, 2024

The Trainer challenge is a great way to encourage team fitness and team building within your team. 

If you are a trainer with a team who doesn’t back down from a challenge, consider registering your group. 

We will feature the progress of your team on social media and be your biggest cheerleaders. This program is a great team-building exercise and is the perfect way to kick-start a fitness and wellness program for your students. 

Trainer with the most participants within their state will receive a prize that will be shared via social media and this program is available at special rates for group entries. Click on the button to the right to submit your inquiry and we will email you back with registration information.


What Participants are Saying


What Participants are Saying

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