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Elevating Equestrian Lesson Programs with Virtual Challenges at Ride for Success

As the world continues to embrace the digital revolution, the equestrian industry is not left behind. At Ride for Success, we are proud to pioneer a new era in horseback riding instruction through our virtual equestrian challenges. We believe that these challenges will revolutionize at-home lesson programs for horseback riding instructors. Here’s why:


Enhances Student Engagement:

One of the significant benefits of integrating our virtual challenges into your lesson plans is the heightened level of engagement they offer. These challenges provide a fun and competitive element that encourages students to push their boundaries and strive for improvement. They can compete from the comfort of their own barns, making at the farm learning more rewarding.


Provides a Platform for Measurable Progress:

Our virtual challenges are designed to help instructors assess their students’ progress effectively. With clearly defined goals and objectives, instructors can easily track improvements in performance and skill levels. This measurable progress motivates students to work harder, ultimately improving the overall effectiveness of your at-home equestrian lessons.


Expands Learning Opportunities:

Joining our virtual equestrian challenges exposes your students to a broader range of learning experiences. They will get a chance to observe and learn from a diverse set of riders from around the world. This exposure can enrich their understanding of the sport and provide new perspectives that can be incorporated into their riding styles.


Boosts Instructor’s Visibility:

Participating in our virtual challenges not only benefits your students but also enhances your visibility as an instructor. As your students succeed in the challenges, your teaching skills are put on display for a vast audience. This visibility can lead to more student enrollments and growth of your business.


Facilitates Flexible Learning:

The beauty of virtual challenges is that they can be completed at your home barn, horseshows or anywhere you or your students ride or workout. This flexibility allows instructors to design lesson schedules that are convenient for both them and their students. It also makes it possible for students to practice and reinforce what they’ve learned at their own pace, promoting a more personalized learning experience.


Fosters a Community Spirit:

By joining our virtual challenges, you become part of a global community of equestrian enthusiasts. This community spirit fosters a sense of belonging and camaraderie among participants, making learning more enjoyable. It also provides a platform for sharing experiences, tips, and tricks that can be beneficial to both students and instructors. At the end of each challenge riders are presented with awards and have an informative journal or ethogram to look back on for improved horsemanship.  These challenges foster better and more responsible horsemen and women, something that is much needed in our industry today.


At Ride for Success, we are committed to providing an innovative award system for your hard work.

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